Johann Christoph Erhardt in Iowa and his origins in Germany

This small article deals mainly with Johann Christoph Erhardt, who immigrated in the 19th century coming from Germany in Iowa, and his German background.

Johann Christoph Erhardt was born in Hannoversch Münden 1 July 1813, and died in Guttenberg 24 September 1895. He was registered as carpenter and farmer.
Hannoversch Münden is a small mediaeval town in the center of Germany, south of Hannover near Kassel.
He married Louisa Dorothea Schröder, widow Thiela. She was born Bramsche (Kreis Lingen, Germany) July 1804 and died Guttenberg 8 September 1885.

Our Johann Christoph was a son of another Johann Christoph Erhardt and his wife Margarethe Elisabeth Erhardt, born Becker.

A brother of Johann Christoph was Georg Heinrich Erhardt (1806-1834), great-grandfather of Hein Ehrhardt. Georg Heinrich's son immigrated in the Netherlands. The offspring of Georg Heinrich exists only of the family of my brother Joop, who died 12.1.2008, his wife Berthy, their two sons, Joop (with wife Susanna and two daughters Charlotte en Alexandra) and Jan; and me. A very small family. The limited extent of this branch was in the beginning caused by the early death of great-grandfather (he had only one son, a Johann Christoph Heinrich, my grandfather).

The father of the brothers Johann Christoph and Georg Heinrich, Johann Christoph Erhardt, was bookbinder in Hannoversch Münden.
The father of this Johann Christoph Erhardt in Hannoversch Münden was Gottfried Anthon Erhardt, also bookbinder in Hannoversch Münden. A remarkable detail is that Gottfried Anthon in the "Seven years war" was pressed in the Prussian military service and served then as an artillery-sergeant in the army of King Frederick the Great of Prussia, who fought alone all the other big European nations.

Gottfried's father, Johann Justus Erhardt, was the first bookbinder in the family in Hannoversch Münden, a line that went on till 1957 when the firm was sold.
We are in 1724 when Johann Justus started his business, in fact took over from his father-in-law. The Erhardt's lived in the houses Ziegelstrasze 8, Ziegelstrasze 16 and afterwards Hinter der Stadtmauer 8 and Langestrasze 24, as can be seen on Häuserspuren Hannoversch Münden.
The generations before Johann Justus the family lived in Hardegsen, also a city south of Hannover. The Erhardt's in Hardegsen were carpenters, bricklayers etc. The only matter left of us there is a stone of the bricklayer David Erhardt, as shown on my website
But how these generations fix with each other is not quite clear. David was anyhow a kind of an uncle to us.

I have the impression that the Erhardt's in Hannoversch Münden were very religious (Lutherian) people who had to work hard in their small firm to nourish the flocks of children they generated. It was not a firm without some broader scope; they must have been book printers too and they published an early journal. In the male line the family has not produced people of local, national or international importance. On the other hand: I did not find villains of any kind.

As rather normal then, many children died either in childbirth or young.

In the male line the family is extinct in Germany; in the female line there are many descendants, which I only partly tried to find.

Johann Christoph and Georg Heinrich Erhardt had another brother, Andreas Gottfried Erhardt, bookbinder in Hannoversch Münden.
From Andreas Gottfried descends a blossoming branch in Brazil and another branch from son Andreas Gottfried Philip Erhardt who went to New York in the USA, descending to Kenneth Andrew Erhardt in Florida. Ken died in 2006, which means that the branch of Andreas Gottfried Philip Erhardt is extinct in the male.
In the lineage in the USA I try fanatically to find also the offspring of the Erhardt daughters, with good success thanks to many kind relatives and genealogists. And of course Internet ( and

The original name was Erhardt; when my grandfather immigrated in the Netherlands he made it Ehrhardt. A name the members of the Dutch branch still wear.

In these few pages I give only the main results of the older generations offspring of Johann Christoph, who went to Iowa. I am working on writing down the results of the other branches and the younger generations, which interest me also very much. But the search is not yet finished.

So let us go back to my great-granduncle Johann Christoph Erhardt in Iowa now.

Children of Johann Christoph:

Gustav Carl Erhardt

The eldest son, was born in Hannover (1839) before the emigration of his parents. So he took part with his parents the whole long journey from Germany to Guttenberg and survived with his parents the first troublesome years in Guttenberg Grown-up he started as farmer on the farm of his parents in Guttenberg. Then he became gardner in Sioux City, Iowa, Carrl died before 6 May 1890, when his wife Rika (Reaka) is mentioned in the military records as widow. He is not in the census of that year, so he must have died 1889/1900.
He married Guttenberg 27.January 1865 Friederike (Rika) Becker, born Pommern (now Poland) 13 November 1845, and died Guttenberg 15 November 1916;
He became invalid in the Civil War (K 17 MS Inf; Union)
In 1880 (42 yr) he was living with his wife and two children as gardner in Sioux City.
Two children and an adopted son:

  1. Amelia Mary Erhardt, born Guttenberg 29 January 1866, died Guttenberg 30 September 1942, married Michael Gobel (Goebel), born Perry or Pine Bluff Dane, Wisconsin 10 July 1885, son of Michael Ludwig Goebel and Anna Maria Bowar. Machinist (Newspaper)
    He died Sioux City 23 October 1944.
    a. Charles Gobel,
    b. Anna Gobel, born 21 February 1884, died 6 March 1886,
    c. Michel Charles Gobel, born Sioux City 11 Oktober 1885, died Sioux Falls, South Dakota 4 April 1957, farmacist, married Laura M.Quinn,
    d. Evaline Gobel, born Sioux City 24 July 1887, death unknow,
    e. Clarence Gobel, born Sioux City 24 July 1887, died 9 February 1888,
    f. Son Gobel, born and died 29 June 1888,
    g. Harry William Gobel, born Sioux City 7 July 1889, machinist, auto repair died before 1926, married Katie _ , born about 1889 in Iowa.
    Four sons
    h.Wilhelmina (Mynne) Mary born Sioux City 15 December 1891, died 20 September 1964,
    i. Raymond Edward Gobel, born Sioux City 27 March 1894, died Torrance Los Angeles, CA 11 August 1969, printer.
    married 1) about 1916 Laura R. Erhardt, born ca 1897, died before 1924,
    married 2) between 1920 and 1924 Florence E.Albertina Johnson, born Minnesota 3 April 1903, died Torrence 13 Oktober 1987.
    A daughter from the first marriage,
    two sons from the second marriage.
    j. Clarence Leroy Gobel, born Sioux City 18 July 1895, married Myrtle Pearl,born 1893 in Iowa and died 3 April 1925, truckdriver ,
    Two sons.
    k. Lucille Louis Gobel, born Sioux City 2 March 1903,stenographer in an electric company, died 22 June 1974,
    l. Evalyn Amelia Gobel, born Sioux City 8 Oktober 1909, died 30 December 1985,
    m. Roseille Gobel, 17 in 1920
  2. John Erhardt , born Sioux City 1868, lived 1900 in Sioux City, died between 1906 and 1910 in probl. Sioux City.
    married 1) Anna (Johanna) Christopher(son), born May 1866 Nebraska, died before 1906 Sioux City
    John lives 1900 as janitor in a schoolhouse in Sioux City with his wife and his two children
    married 2) about 1906 Mary _, born abt 1873 in England
    Mary lives in 1910 with her stepchildren John and Letha in 1910 in Sioux City,
    Two children:
    a. Aletha Erhardt, born January 1892 in Sioux Citty, died as Letha Jenny California, Los Angeles, 13 February 1948
    b. John E., born 16 September 1893, meatcutter in a retailstore in Sioux City in 1920, married Marjorie M. _, born Nebraska 1866.
    Disappeared from Iowa after 1920 with three very young children.
    He died Los Angeles 26 March1946.
    Joyce E. Erhardt, 4 3/12 in 1920
    Elaine H. Erhardt, 3 2/12 in 1920
    Geraldine M. Erhardt, 11/12 in 1920
    Further details sofar unknown, perhaps more children.
And an adopted son:

Resene Elisabeth Erhardt

born 1834, married Guttenberg 23.7.1862 Conrad Müller. Both died young on the small pox. She lived in 1860 still in the home of her parents.

  1. One daughter, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Branch extinct.

Heinrich Gottfried Erhardt

born Guttenberg 25 December 1846, died Templeton Eden Township Carroll County
August 27th Manning Monitor 1908:
"A sad accident"
Henry Erhardt of Templeton meets death while unloading brick at the Joyce Lumber Yard at Templeton Monday afternoon, was struck by a railroad car door with such force as to fracture his skull, which caused death in about one hour. It seems in some way the car door caught while it was being shoved, and struck him on the head in such a manner that it caused the fracture.
Mr Erhardt was 62 years old and leaves a wife and seven children, all but two who reside in Oho, being present at the funeral, which took place in the Sacred Heart Church this morning at 9:00. Rev. B.A. Schulte officiating. The remains were interred at the Sacred Heart Cemetery.
Gertrud Halter, born Niederse Prussia 23.11.1850, came with her parents 22.10.1843 with the "Devonshire" from Antwerp to New York. She died Clarina, Iowa Hospital for the insane 9 February 1907.
I found only eight children; that could have been ten.

  1. Emilia M. Erhardt, born Casswill, county Grant 3 July 1871, died Sioux Falls Minnehata County, South Dakota. In her obituary her active charitable work for the Indians is mentioned.
    Married 1) Nels Paulson Vickness, who died in the early nineties of the 19th century.
    Married 2) Augustus 1911, Frank M. Wilcox, whom she survived.
    Only son Joseph Walter, Sioux Falls police officer for 25 years, police captain, crippled as a result of polio, died Sioux Falls South Dakota, 5 July 1954. Married twice, no children. Branch extinct.
  2. Henry Joseph, born Clayton Co Iowa 1875, died Lakewood Cuyahoga County 11 July 1954. Linemans Helper with the first railroad from Iowa,
    Married Ellen (Nellie) Burke, died Lakewood Ohio 12 February 1965.
    Six children, with a large descendancy.
  3. Helen A. Erhardt, born Sioux City IA 1879, died Pierce County, Tacoma, Wash. 9 January 1932, married George E. Martin, who survived her.
    One son J.G. Martin - no details available.
  4. John Erhardt born Woodbury Co, Iowa 22.12.1883, died Carson/Iowa 12.5.1951. Not married.
  5. Alfred Vicor Erhardt, born Templeton, Carroll Co, baptised 1 February 1885 Sacred Heart Church Templeton Iowa, lived 1910 in the house of his brother Henry Joseph Erhardt, 1920 back as custodian in Iowa, and lives with his father-in-law Louis Elsasser. Then again to Ohio and died there 14 September 1947.
    Married Corinne E. Elsasser, died Cleveland 2 May 1971,
    Three children with descendants.
  6. Emma Mary Erhardt, born Templeton, Carroll Co, Iowa 30 January 1887,died Portland Oregon 28 November 1953, married 5 November 1909 Albert Nicolas Elder,
    Born Millersburg IA 8 December 1888, died Scappoose, Columbia County, Oregon 20 July 1966. Ten children.
  7. Joseph Frederick (Fred.) Erhardt, born Templeton Iowa 5 September 1899, lives in 1930 with his sister and brother-in-law Martin in Tacoma, died before 1953.
  8. Francis (Frank) Conrad Erhardt, born Templeton 14 September 1893, died Sioux Falls Minnehaha County SD, 16 August 1953, lived in the house of his sister Emilia Wilcox, truck-driver, Veteran WWI. Not married.

Maria (Mary) Erhardt

Born 10 June 1849, died LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa 28 August 30 March 1918, married LeMars Plymouth County 1871 Wilhelm (William) Kalas, born 26 February 1842, died LeMars 3 May 1916.

Twelve children of which some died young.
The others are:

  1. Wilhelmina (Minnie) Christina Kalas, born Merill, Plymouth County, Iowa, 26 September 1874, died Merill 30 March 1918, married Plymouth County 3 June 1894 Charles David Eberhard, born Galena, Jo Davies, Illinois 17 May 1861, died 21 September 1943 Sioux City. Ten children.
  2. Emma Kalas, born Merrill 13 February 1876, died 23 February 1939, married Herman Carl Wilhelm Kaelke, born 29 January 1879, from Germany, died Tabor Fremont Iowa March or April 1971, from Germany, farmer. Six children.
  3. the Rev. Heinrich (Henry) Wilhelm (William) Kalas, born Guttenberg 12 March 1878, died Glendale Arizona 6 January 1937, married Anna Amelia Danne, born Karzig (Karksk, now Poland) 7 November 1880, died Glendale Arizona 22 September 1936. Four chilldren.
  4. Maria (Mary) Louise Kalas, born Merrill 14 November 1918, county Eddy, New Rockford, North Dakota, married 24 February 1904 Jacob Eberhard, born Merrill 10 April 1876, died 1960. Four children.
  5. Ella Kalas, born Merrill 12 July 1882, died LeMars Augustus 1959, married the Rev. Anton Wetzel, died about 1938. Four children.
  6. Johann (John) C. Kalas, born Merrill 25 August 1884, died November 1963, married Minnie Barth, born 18 January 1885, died 10 June 1958.
  7. Wilhelm (William) Kalas Doctor in chiropractice in Glendale Arizona, born Sioux City, Woodbury county Iowa, 8 April 1889, died 1 December 1968, married 3 February 1912 Olga Larson, born about 1916. Four children
  8. Otto E. Kalas, born Sioux City 6 November 1891, died LeMars Plymouth July 1982, married Julia Sahl. A son.
  9. Esther E. Kalas, born Sioux City 9 March 1894, died April 1958, married Samuel D. Zimmerman, born Sioux City about 1890. Two children.

Frederick (Fritz) J. Erhardt

Born Guttenberg 18 May 1852, died Guttenberg 20 March 1921, laborer in Guttenberg. married Guttenberg 1 May 1877 Louise Pfiffner, born Guttenberg 9 September 1856, died Guttenberg 11.8.1946.
Four children:

  1. Bertha Augusta Erhardt, born Guttenberg 30 April 1878, died Guttenberg 30 June 1939, married Guttenberg 4 August 1887 Hubert J. Kappen, born 29 July 1872.
    Two daughters; Irma married dr Howard O, Thompson (a son Wayne and a daughter Phylis), Evelyn married trucker Frank Heck (sons Ardell -one son- and Vernon -eleven children- in Guttenberg).
  2. George Adolf E(h)rhardt, born Guttenberg 30 May 1879, died September 1974, rancher in Filer Twin Falls Idaho, married 1) Ina May Friedlein 2) Dubuque Iowa 21 January 1927 Leta Leonard, born 14 December 1886, died Filer September 1984.
    One daughter: George Louise Erhardt from second wedlock, married Robert Stanley Blastock.
  3. Amantia Mathilde Erhardt, born Guttenberg 3 May 1887, died Mc Gregor, Clayton Iowa October 1973, married Elkader Iowa 23 August 1907 Elmer Hedeman.
    Nine children: Ruth Vivian, married Milton Eucker, Helen, married Donald Roloff, Gerald, married Jacquelyn Chaney, Reynold, married Dorothy May Burlingame, Embert, married Zelda Mary, Eunice, married Elmer Frommelt, Leighton married Carol Gerner, Harlan, married Marion Lavon, Elmer married Nelda May Wheeler.
  4. Clara Louise E(h)rhardt, born Guttenberg 4 July 1890, died Guttenberg 11 oktober 1971, married Guttenberg 23 November 1915 Edward Pink, born Guttenberg 28 September 1891, died Guttenberg 8 April 1970, barber.
    Two daughters. Bernette Marie Pink (born 1917, married Harold Brown, lives 2003 Elkader, five children) and Floyd Frederick Pink (died 1979, accountant), married Wilma Lange (five children).

I desperately continue to try to fill up the blanks, and in the mean time do enjoy the contacts overseas tremendously.


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